With a Retreat

We are greeting You, our Friend, on your path to Consciousness and Eternity. We accept with great respect and thankfulness your genuine desire to transform Your life.

From Conscious point of view it is doesn’t matter what You are looking for now whether it is a path to recovery, a path to improve the quality of Your life or You are feeling that this is the time to answer the question “Who am I?”. Your intuition and universe elusive mood, that can’t be described with the words, tells You that your human potential is used not more than 5% and that the rest 95% are safely hidden in unsolved mystery of Universe. This Universe is Your inner world! Your natural instinct leads You to Your true destiny and orders you to carefully follow it. And absolutely everything that happens inside and around you is the result of your perception.

But today it is important that You know – instinctively or feel consciously – that You won’t be living anymore in the frames of old images of the mind! We are greeting You and execute Your will that orders us to lead people to the Freedom! With love and liability we, who adhere Faith and Will of God, would like to represent to you, who is starving to follow the path of freedom, an opportunity to cognize the Eternity with IP Sacred Icaros team.

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Exclusive retreats in Peru

“Journey with the Heart”

Unique shamanships “Consciousness – a journey to Freedom”

Personal Development Trainings

Training and workshop for women and families

About Shipibo 

The traditional practice of the Shamans of Amazonia, the Shipibo people is a centuries-old medical practice of healing the body and soul.


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