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- is a wellness and educational center dedicated to health, healing, happiness, mindful living and transformation.

The company organizes different Life Coaching services and Personal Development Trainings on the territory of Cyprus as well as offer tourist services and trips from Cyprus to healing center in Peru. One of the services provided is healing with use of natural components and plants. 

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Sacred Icaros – is a team of followers, guides of Knowledge of three ancient traditions which have received an approval to further develop and carry the experience of our ancestries (all knowing) to the Universe.

Sacred Icaros represents three basic complementary traditions that join together in Unique source of Knowledge about Universe.

The apparent force of Universe that accepted the challenge from our Masters- Guides is the main moderator and prompter in your destiny. You will sense and feel the Eternity and your participation in it. Your channels of perception are open and you have to recall your past incarnations, to recall that your present  destiny was formed before your birth, recorded before the conception and is controlled by you and your dreamer. But you have to remember that the core of your destiny can’t be changed during your lifetime in this body in the World of forms.

The Toltec Tradition is a teaching about Life Nature expanding through the centuries of Consciousness development. These knowledge can be passed only in practical way. All seeing true actions are initially based on ancient laws of Existence:

  1. Law of Polarity

  2. Law of cause-effect actions

  3. Law of Harmony through conflict

The Journey of Jesus is knowledge that develops beyond religion. These are the sacral knowledge of Golgotha mystery. The journey is based on the perception of the Threefold God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit or Spirit (Consciousness), Intention and Mind. The sacral prayers unite your Consciousness with the Consciousness of Creator. To become a Jesus means to perceive that you are Om.

The traditional practice of Amazon shamans (Shipibo tribe) is a centuries-old medicine practice of body and soul healing. This is a practice with use of master plants for special diets. The consciousness hidden in each plant has its predestination and opens an access to consciousness itself as well as Power and mysteries of unknowable. With the help of plant diets we obtain wonderful opportunity to stop our mind, reach our inner Me and become selfishness. A man can perceive his omnitudes’ nature only when he will simultaneously unite with Global Consciousness of World of Forms and Consciousness of Non-form and Non-material Worlds. The Master-plant is a plant of Spirit, Consciousness, a plant of God and All flesh. This is way out to the perception of All flesh unity. This is a connection with Love in her initial condition.


The initial ancient knowledge about Human creation intention, about his birth in the world of forms from the Global source and consciousness lays in the foundation of prayers’ sounds and nature. From century to century, from the beginning of the Universe, the man of knowledge, the all-seeing of Toltec tradition, Shipibo shamans give a sense of intention of the Initial Genesis Consciousness by learning the lessons lay in their own experience. The consciousness knows itself, its nature with the constant movement of the Mind. The microworld of the human is made in the mould of macro world of Consciousness. The only reasonableness of your existence is to perceive the inner mystery of the man: “Who am I?” The law of Universe is that it is possible to learn about this mystery only through your experience or, in other words, through the results of your action outside your mind – to sense, feel, see the demonstration of life,- and only than to use your rational mind with a specific task. 

Mudra Meditation

Nagual (Man of Knowledge).

Seer, Toltec tradition.

Shaman of the ancient tradition Shipibo-Conibo, who was trained in the Amazonian jungle in Peru.

Student of healer-shaman Guillermo Arevalo Valera from 2010 to 2015.

From 2015 to the present, has been a student of one of Peru’s oldest shamans, Papa Pascual Mahua Ochavano (97 years old). Keeper of the teachings and practices of healing with medicinal plants.

In 2017 Iglisus was initiated, and received a blessing for an independent practice.


Healing is based on the use of medical power plants to discover the deep states of Awareness and Conciseness. It develops the inner feeling and the ability to feel, both the inner state of life and the outer, outside the mind and its interpretation.

1st Direction

The practice of healing is based on sacred knowledge and allows you to accept patients with various forms of diseases caused by addiction, neuropsychiatric diseases, cancers, aggression in the family, in society, various forms of depression. Any disease that is not associated with external influences (knife, bullet wounds, etc.) is cleansed. The body begins to work intensively, creating new cells, displacing the affected ones. The body is restored.

2nd Direction

Teaching a healthy lifestyle, teaching life skills in the present moment. Fear management. Freedom from greed, envy, lies. Opening the opportunity to live Consciously. Correction of events of the past, formation of future events according to the laws of the Universe, divine principles of Love. The discovery of internal creative resources.

3rd Direction

Working with people by the will of fate in prison. The opening of the adoption of what is happening at the moment. Training in disclosing the lessons they pass. Formation of new goals and values for the period of later life. Formation of a healthy lifestyle in the existing circumstances.

4th Direction

Family and children. Learning the principles of proper use of male and female energy in life together. Disclosure and correct vision, and execution of tasks set by the Universe (Life) to each spouse in destiny. Children are the evolution of the Consciousness of Humanity. Awareness of the purpose of children in the family and the purpose of parents. Develop skills to help children in the performance of their own destiny.

5th Direction

Awareness of death, as part of a new Life. Helping the dying people by taking the current state out of fear. Generating awareness and splitting of the soul and body. The awareness of the dying, on the physical, sensual level of their True Self. The awareness of the “I” is not the Body. Accepting the state of dying body and observing the “I” of the transition (death). Creating intentions for the formation of a new personality (body, tasks of the future life, etc.)